What happens when you get a tree removed

Trees are, for the most part, an asset to a property. They provide aesthetic beauty, shade in the summer time, not to mention they provide us with oxygen which is essential for human life. Occasionally, however, trees can turn out to be more of a nuisance than a help and can sometimes even be a safety hazard. A rotting tree that’s past the point of saving is risky to have sitting around on your property. Branches may begin falling off and could accidentally ruin your property and even seriously harm people.

There are a few signs that make it clear that you might want your tree removed. If the tree is growing too close to power lines this could be dangerous. The health of the tree should always be taken into account, and if the tree has passed too far into decay then you’ll want to get rid of it before you get a bug infestation or it falls and damages something.

If you’ve noticed that your tree’s giving up the ghost, it may be wise to have it removed. But what does that entail? Removing a tree is not a job done too easily for the regular civilian. It’s pretty much always better to hire a company of licensed professionals who have tackled jobs similar to this in the past rather than try and take on tree removal alone.

Removing a tree can cost anywhere from $150 to $1,500, mostly depending on the size of the tree and the rates of the company you hire for the job. The nationwide average price comes to about $650 for tree removal.

The actual tree removal generally relies on several basic parts or steps; cutting down the tree so only the stump remains, cutting the trunk into segments that are manageable for movement, cutting off the branches and/or chipping them, and finally transporting the lumber away from the site.

Removing a tree stump, or tree stump removal service is a whole different job in itself and can also be tackled a few different ways, but that’s generally not something that most companies would include in tree removal and has to be done separately.

Most importantly, don’t try and remove trees on your own! It’s a dangerous and complex job.